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Lauren’s Story…

I have struggled with codependency, sexual, physical and mental abuse, loss and abandonment and anorexia. I have been diagnosed with several learning disabilities and have suffered a brain injury from past physical abuse. I was hospitalized 13 times because of being malnourished and also failure to thrive. I was two years old when I was adopted.
I began to enter my early teenage years with a distrust for adults. I started skipping school and hanging out with the wrong crowd and ran away from home. At 12 years old I chose to leave home. I regret that now and how I treated my adopted parents. I felt lost and abandoned and alone for a long time.
I ended up going into a women’s shelter three times so I could protect myself and my baby’s life. CAS (Children’s Aid Society) gave temporary custody to my parents. I am doing well now and I am a good mom and step-mom with my partner Scott. Family means a lot to me now. I am a different person today and that is because I received a lot of help from different people, agencies, and my religion.
I received support from CMHA HP (Canadian Mental Health Association Huron Perth) for approximately three years. The case manager helped me to budget, cook my own healthy meals, and coping strategies to deal with difficult relationships. Once I was doing really well I was discharged from CMHA HP services but was told should If I ever need their help again I only had to contact them.
Being in a good place in my life I wanted to give back to my community because it is important for my own health and for people to know they are not alone. I am a peer mentor for people with learning disabilities and brain injury patients.
I am on my church ministry for women and a single mom ministry. I am a visiting volunteer and facilitate a peer support group as a CMHA HP volunteer for people who are impacted by mental health issues.
I cannot thank CMHA HP enough for all the help they havegiven me and continue to do as one of their volunteers.
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