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How to obtain Case Management from CMHA?

CMHA services are available to anyone 16 years of age or older who is experiencing symptoms of mental illness. Case Management provides ongoing support to stabilize mental health, achieve personal goals and improve a person’s quality of life. Case Management may be provided for a number of weeks or months, and in some cases several years. The length of time that a person receives services is determined by the needs of each person. Being accepted in the Case Management Program is a prerequisite to obtain subsidized supported housing. Assignment to a Case Manager generally takes place within two or three weeks after contact with the CMHA office. Support is available to you as soon as you contact our office.

When you call the CMHA office you will be asked to complete an application for service. We require some basic information about you and your situation. Another agency may also make a referral on your behalf.

Once you provide this information, you will be contacted by the Intake Co-ordinator to schedule a personal meeting. We will meet with you in the community in which you live. We will discuss what mental health supports you require and goals you hope to accomplish. CMHA works in collaboration with other agencies to meet your needs. If you wish to enter the Case Management Program and meet the criteria for eligibility, you will be assigned a Case Manager who will begin to work with you during a regular schedule of appointments. Appointments may take place in your home, a community location or a CMHA office close to your home.

Applications For Service

If you have a mental illness and would like help in improving your quality of life through CMHA HP services, please complete the appropriate form(s) and return by mail, fax or email.

Application for Service.pdf

Application for Transitional Housing

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